Gauteng Open Road Tolling

For the past 12 years, KTC-ZA has supported and operated one of the largest open road tolling projects in the world, the Gauteng Open Road Tolling via our Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), Electronic Toll Collection (Pty) Ltd. The GORT project entailed the design and build of a national clearing house, integration with all tolling concessions and authorities in South Africa to enable ETC across the entire country and the implementation of all specialised roadside tolling technologies.

The project includes 42 toll gantries across multi-lane freeways, 42 technical shelters, a 20,000m2 Central Operations Centre and 14 Satellite Centers to accommodate functions such as:

  • Customer service
  • Toll policing
  • Incident management
  • Response
  • Toll system maintenance.

The project has given us in-depth experience of all aspects of the e-toll project, including but not limited to:

  • Engineering
  • Financial Operations and Reporting
  • Information and Telecommunications Technology
  • Customer Services
  • Facilities Management
  • Revenue Stream Management

Whilst operating the Gauteng Open Road Tolling project we have demonstrated our ability to successfully manage the flow of tolling revenue through the e-toll system.

We have reported successfully on this revenue stream and provided SANRAL with all the information required during financial audits. We have developed the ability to accurately extract data required for financial reporting from our data lake. This process requires a detailed understanding of the tolling operations, the system workings, the business rules of the project and SANRAL’s financial reporting requirements.

The management of the GORT revenue stream is extremely complex due to the business rules implemented across the operating entities (Open Road Tolling, Transaction Clearing House and Violations Processing Centre), which causes transactions to flow through the system with multiple states that change continuously.

We developed a user-friendly mobile application, using business intelligence to prioritize query resolution, train our customer-facing staff and streamline our customer support processes.

We have also worked very closely with SANRAL to develop value-added services aimed at improving the customer experience and customer service.
We have trained our staff to be able to support users of the mobile application and users of the various services offered currently (mobile top-ups, check for violations, parking, and speed over distance notifications).

The Gauteng Open Road Tolling project was originally started with an extremely complex and onerous performance management regime. This created significant overhead and did not enable the effective management of the business operations or the contract. Through a collaborative approach with SANRAL, the performance management system was reviewed and simplified. We have implemented this revised approach successfully and enabled effective performance management in our business.
We have also started the work to utilize our data lake and business intelligence environment to report on critical KPIs more efficiently. This will shorten the time for reporting, will provide better operational insights into the business and enable a much more responsive management approach.

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